• Manado - North Sulawesi

    How to sell your $$$ :

    Exchanging your foreign money with Indonesian Rupiah is quite tricky here. A note of 100US$ will be more expensive than 5notes of 20US$:
    Here are some tips for you :
    -Bring some Indonesian Rupiah with you if you could get it in your country.500,000 to 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah will be enough before you will get the right place to exchange your money.It will be around 50-120US$ for the year of 2006`s rate.
    -Bring the clean,unfolded,new $.US$ note with the year series 2000 and above will be good price here.
    -Do not change your small bill $.Currency rate of 100US$ note will be better than the smaller note.
    -The currency rate will be less in all the bank.Try the Manado Inter Money Changer (in front of Bahu Mall, beside BTN Bank) and ABH store, telp 62 431- 863563 / 866134 (at the entrance of Pall 2 Market,behind President Shopping center, Sisingamangaraja Street #12). The opening time will be 8AM-5PM.Good deal.


How to get to Manado


How do you come to Manado, North Sulawesi? It's easy and comfortable, with a direct flight Singapore Airlines from main European to Singapore, then with partner airlines Silk Air another direct flight to Manado. If you already in Indoensia, say you are in Jakarta or Bali now, there are many daily flights to Manado. You can go by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batavia Airlines or Merpati Airlines. Check each their website, or you can find local travel agent which can arrange your ticket. Booking domestic flights from outside of Indonesia is always a lot more expensive than from within the country. Get in touch with AVM TOURS MANADO, they will help you with the tickets. For additional flight information please check the website of Star Express Tours and Travel in Manado.


Route Airline Days Departure Time
Singapore - Manado
Manado - Singapore
Silkair Monday, Wenesday, Friday, Suterday Dep 09:25, Arr 13:05
Dep 13:50, Arr 17:05

Airport Tax: Domestic Rp. 35,000    International Rp. 100,000


Silk Air ( International Flight )

Office in Manado :
Ground Floor, Jalan Sarapung, No. 5, Manado 95111
North Sulawesi - Indonesia

Tel: (62)-431- 863744
Website : http://www.silkair.com/


Garuda Indonesia ( Domestic Flight )

Office in Manado :
Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 212
Tel. : +62.431.877727
Fax : +62.431.862242
Website : http://www.garuda-indonesia.com/

Lion Air ( Domestic Flight )

Office in Manado :
Komples ITC Marina Plaza
Tel. : +62.431.8880022 / 8880061
Fax : +62.431.814196
Website : http://www.lionair.co.id/

Merpati Airlines ( Domestic Flight )

Office in Manado :
Tel. : +62.431.842000 / 847392
Fax : +62.431.
Website : http://www.merpati.co.id/

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