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    From unique handcrafted local artwork , to bargain prices on clothes, jewelry, video CDs and more, you will find hours of fun awaiting you in the markets of Manado and the surrounding towns. Don't forget to save room in your suitcase! 


    Beware, Real Hot Dog!

    Most of Manado people eat dogs! When you will go to the parties,you should ask what the food on the table are before you eat it. Dogs, bats, even snakes will be served on the tables even the parties will be in a restaurant. Most of the food are hot and spicy. Putting back the food you have taken and smelling the food are disrespectul here.


Restaurants in Manado - North Sulawesi


North Sulawesi is popular with its culinary tourism. A variety of unique traditional North Sulawesian cuisine has been well- known both in Indonesia and abroad. The already popular one is Manadonese Poridge called “Tinutuan”. The ingredients in this type of food are rice, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, cassava, spinach, kangkung, lemon grass, spring onion, lemon basil, water and salt. This food is served with fried- smoked tuna or skip jack fish, ebi cake, tofu, soya bean cake and salsa. This type of food is sold in Wakeke Street, Manado...Typical Manado food for fish and meat are mostly spicy. Behind MEGA MALL there is a street and along this street you will find many small food shop to eat. If you want to taste local food or something different and cheap you should try this one. Mostly the local people love this place cause there many kind of food to choose here. There are local food like :GADO GADO ( mixing food:), NASI GORENG or fried rice, BAKSO ( cow meat with nuddles ) Soto Makassar - chinese food also available here. So many kinds you can choose. But please be carefull of meat, cause sometimes you will find a food that you might not like expample some DOG meat.


Green Garden RestaurantThe popular vegetable meals are Papaya flower with Pakis fern menu and Pangi leaf menu. Papaya flower with Pakis fern is suitable to consume along with spicy grilled/BBQ fish. Pangi leaf menu is a typical Minahasanese tribal food. It consists of Pangi leaves, pork and spices, and is cooked using bamboo as container. This type of food is sold in the Minahasanese Restaurants spread all over the regencies and cities in North Sulawesi.


In Manado the most popular foods are chillies, fish and meat. A balanced meal would include all three, piled high on a bed of rice.Vegetarian dishes are not common here and if eaten at all, vegetables are cooked with the meat or meat broth. Vegetarian travellers should make a note of this. Indonesians, as a rule, eat a lot of chilly but in this region the amount of chilly eaten is phenomenal.

Frying, grilling and steaming in green bamboo tubes are the favourite methods of cooking here. Dishes derived from Chinese cuisine are stir-fried. Baked goodies are inspired to a large extent by the Dutch, cookies being the most popular.

Sugar is used sparingly and flavour is added through herbs and lemon. Christianity being their religion, the Minahasa like pork and often use alcohol to marinate meat. Other sources of protein favoured are bat, dog and field rat. In fact, dog dishes are served at every Christian feast and wedding.

Populer names food!

Ayam rica-rica: A fiery onion and red chilli paste tops grilled chicken. 
Babi tore: The pork is fried till crunchy and a lot of chilly is added. 
Ikan mas bakar rica: This spicy grilled fish is cooked traditionally in a piece of coconut shell. The fish is grilled with chilly, which is added to the fish while cooking.
Ikan mas goreng: In this dish, the fish is fried till you have a crunchy soft bone.
Ikan woku: Fish is simmered in herbs.
Perkedel milu: These are corn fritters.
Tinutuan (or bubur manado): This is a wet, sticky porridge made of rice, noodles, pumpkin and other random vegetables. Although this non-spicy dish does not look very appealing, it can be quite delicious.

The most well known Dutch-inspired dishes are Breneibon, a rich kidney bean soup, and klappertart, a coconut cake baked in Western-style

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