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Diving in Sangihe islands, North Sulawesi


Sangihe Talaud with its countless islands and bizarre rock formations is also called the "Ring of fire" because of the many volcanos which are still active UNDERwater. Trips to this part of Indonesia can only be described as adventure tours to the end of the world. Divers who are not deterred by the long journey and want to discover the unknown are rewarded with water temperatures of up to 30 and 60 metres visibility. The underwater world is pristine gigantic sponges are over 100 years old, the corals have never seen divers before. Unfortunately, diving there is possible only going by a liveaboard



With the captain's and the dive guides' permission it is also possible to visit native villages. For many locals we were the first whites they had ever seen, certainly the first Europeans. Many villages have no electricity nor means of communication. They go fishing in their dugout canoes and exchange their catch for rice. Fruit and vegetables are hard to find, mainly coconuts, perhaps a few bananas and papayas and a form of spinach. Conversation is a problem; they only speak a local dialect, which luckily 2 dive guides, who were born here, understand. Communication is generally a problem in Indonesia – there are roughly 800 different dialects, which makes the government of the country difficult. North Sulawesi and Sangihe-Talaut are Christian areas of Indonesia, so there are no muslim terrorists here. Besides what could they find to attack ?

Sangihe Diving Season

You can dive at the Sangihe Archipelago all the year round but the conditions do vary from season to season. March to June is the best time as it's the dry season and the visibility is at its best. July to October can be windy, and November to December is generally wet; both seasons having less visibility.

Reef Basics

Great for: Small animals, large animals, reef life and health and dive value-for-money
Not so great for: Wall diving and non-diving activities
Depth: 15 - 40m
Visibility: 8 - 30m
Currents: Can be strong
Surface Conditions: Can be rough
Water Temperature: 26 - 30°C
Experience Level: Intermediate - advanced
Number of dive sites: >50
Distance: ~220 km north of Manado (11 hours)
Access: Manado liveaboards
Recommended length of stay: 5 - 7 days

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